Professional Router Cutters

Titman brazed and solid tungsten carbide router cutters are made to the highest quality in the UK, designed with specific steel and carbide grades and pioneering features they offer the greatest cutter performance. We have a range to suit all types of applications from profile, template profile, trimmer, chamfer, rebate, engraving, ovolo, cove, finger pull, T slot, panel and edge, mould, dovetail, jointing, spoil board, sash bar.

  • DESCRIPTION A comprehensive range of straight fluted router cutters with diameters from 1.5mm to 50.8mm with parallel and internally threaded shank configurations. There are some left hand rotational cutters in this range. Part numbers starting with TTWLC are for use in inlay work and have a chisel point end. TTPH do not plunge.        
  • DESCRIPTION Special relief on the cutter body allows for deep slotting work. Suitable for plunging. Note:LH58L, LH58L2, LH34L, not to be used in a portable router.
  • These router cutters are designed for use on template and pattern work, blind profiling and plunging They have a shank mounted bearing which will run along and follow the template which is attached to the work piece with the end result being an exact duplicate of the template itself.  
  • Widely used for copy profiling and flush trimming . Aluminium cutting reference numbers TTSIBGT90LK-1/2 , TTSIBGT90LK-1/4 Downward shear cutter action reference numbers TTBGT90LKS-1/2, TTBGT90LKS-1/4, TTBGT90LKS-12, TTBGT90LKS-6, TTBGT90LKS-8, TTBGT90S-1/4, TTBGT90S-6, TTBGT90S-8, cutters have a downward shear cutting action. Top and Bottom bearing guided reference numbers TBGT90LK1DB-1/2, TTBGT90LK2DB-1/2, TTBGT90LK2DB-12, TTBGT90LK2DB-4-1/2, TTBGT90LKDB-1/2, TTBGT90LKDB-8 TTBGT90LKSLP-1/4, TTBGT90SLP-1/4 have a low profile end screw for restrictive access applications. Oversize bearing cutters reference numbers TTIBGT63LK-B375-1/4, TIBGT63LK-B375-6 have an oversize bottom bearing for overhang trimming. TTSET1214-1/4 has a solid end bearing for heavy duty work.    
  • V Groover TCT

    DESCRIPTION Ideal for veining work, freehand decor for panels and useful for character lining work on sign writing applications in solid timbers. The angle ( measurement A ) is measured from the horizontal. TTVGC45SF-1/2, TTVGC45SF-1/4, TTVGC45SF-12, TTVGC60SF-1/2, TTVGC60SF-1/4, TTVGC60SF-12, TTVGC60SF-8 cut to a point. TTVGCB45-1/4, TTVGCB60-127-1/4 have a shank mounted bearing.  
  • Bevel & Chamfer TCT

    TCT Bevelled A range of various angles of beveled cutters designed to chamfer sections of timber, chipboard and MDF. DESCRIPTION The cutters with reference TTBCF have a tungsten carbide plunging centre tip The cutters with reference TTBC are for profiling only and do not plunge. Angles are measured from the vertical
  • TCT Bevelled With Bottom Bearing A range of bevelled chamfer cutters with bottom guide bearing for large sections of timber, chipboard and MDF.
  • Chamfer With Guide Pin TCT

    TCT Chamfer With Guide Pin A range of 45 and 30 degree chamfer cutters designed with a fixed small diameter guide pin. DESCRIPTION Useful for internal work where the small diameter pin enables right angle corners to be included. Popular in the sign making industry as they can chamfer the edges of plastic materials .
  • Ovolo TCT

    TCT Ovolo Used in conjunction with a side fence, most ovolo and rounding over operations can be produced with this extensive range. These cutters have plunging facility.
  • DESCRIPTION Supplied with 2 bearings, 12.7mm and 16mm in diameter, two shapes can produced with one cutter by changing the bearing size. The 16 mm diameter bearing removes the bottom quirk.  
  • Corner Ovolo TCT

    TCT Corner Ovolo Profiles and moulds in one operation. Ideal for aperture cutting, ie snooker table pockets, worktops and cover mouldings. DESCRIPTION WCO Type have plunge facility. WCOB Type have bearing.
  • These cutters are the perfect solution to finishing cladding and corners on pillar covering or for enhancing square table legs or returns on wall unit furniture. The diameter of the bead is twice the value of the radius i.e. R=2mm the bead diameter is 4mm.
  • Radius Cove TCT

    DESCRIPTION A comprehensive range of Core Box, Cove, Radius, Guttering cutters with radii from 1.6mm to 25.4mm. Cutters with part number starting TTCBB have a shank mounted bearing fitted.
  • TCT Cove Mould Bearing Guided Producing a quarter round on the edge of the workpiece these are ideal for detailing casework, doors and drawers, posts and columns. The cove also makes up one-half of the rule joint used on drop-leaf tables. DESCRIPTION These cutters come complete with TTB127 and TTB16 bearings. Matching rounding over cutters available for rule joints.
  • REBATER WITH REPLACEMENT TC TIPS Replacement Tip Rebate 4 Wing With Bearing DESCRIPTION Replacement Tip Rebate 4 Wing With Bearing Z=Number of flutes. RPM=Maximum revolutions per minute
  • Finger Pull TCT

    CT Finger Pull Grip Square Bottom For solid handles and pulls on kitchen and wall unit doors, the perfect solutions for providing positive grips and softened, easy-on-the-fingers edges without the need for external hardware. DESCRIPTION TTFPC22 is a variation of TTFPC19 giving a square bottom and undercut. Both of these have a centre tip for plunging
  • Ball Slot TCT

    BALL GROOVER SINGLE FLUTE TCT A range of single flute ball slot cutters designed for pipe and cable laying into timber and MDF. DESCRIPTION Important - cut neck slot first, do not run on neck but use a side fence or guide. NB The neck does not cut. Suggested cutters for neck slot: TTM716 for TTTSB127 neck diameter 6.5mm; TTM1020 for TTTSB254 neck diameter 9.5mm; TTM1325 for TTTSB32 neck diameter 12.7mm
  • Dovetail TCT

    TCT Dovetail Standard sizes for all dovetail and sliding dovetail applications ie slot dovetail, hidden dovetail, etc. DESCRIPTION Available with scribers on TTDCS14.3-8 & TTDCS127-1/4 to enable use in conjunction with portable routing jigs. Parts TTADC12B-1/4, TTBDC14B-1/4 have shank mounted bearings fitted.
  • TCT Adjustable Top and Bottom Chamfer with Bearing DESCRIPTION For bevelling and trimming the top and bottom edges of the workpiece. Adjust the four wing trimmer blocks with spacers for differing widths of material. Maximum material thickness 15mm for the DCB16 and is fixed Maximum material thickness 32mm, minimum material thickness 16mm for the BCS38. Maximum material thickness 36mm, minimum material thickness 19mm for the BGAC45. To extend the life of cutting edges use 26mm bearing.
  • Engravers STC

    STC 'Nib' Engraving Specially developed for engraving house names, bench plaques and other memorial inscriptions. The STC three flute 60 degree engraver is an ideal cutter for long production engraving work.
  • MIDDLE BEARING GUIDED TOP & BOTTOM FLUSH TRIM 90 DEG TCT & RT This double flute cutter trims the top and bottom edges simultaneously as bearing follows the profile in the centre of the material. These industrial quality premium grade tungsten carbide flush trimmers are ideal for wood, plywood, MDF and other wood composites, plastics, and solid surface materials DESCRIPTION Unique in that this cutter will trim the top and bottom edges of a panel simultaneously, whilst the centrally mounted bearing follows the profile.
  • V Grooving Radiused TCT

    Radiused 'V' Grooving TCT Ideal for panel and veining work, lettering, engraving, sign making, fluting, decorative trimming and barley twist. DESCRIPTION These do not cut to a point and will leave a 1mm - 2mm flat at the bottom of the groove.
  • Keyhole Slot TCT

    TCT Keyhole Slotter Single flute keyhole slot router cutter for hanging items flush to a wall by making an aperture in the back of the workpiece. DESCRIPTION Ideal for the use with No 8 & No 10 screw heads for the application of hanging plaques, picture frames
  • T Slot TCT & PCD

    TCT T-Slot Square Edged Designed for creating the T-slot in wall panels used in the point of sale industry for shelving and display purposes.
  • TCT Bullnose Staff Bead A full bullnose radius for stair treads, nosings, window boards and edge mouldings Flats at top and bottom of the cutting edges create fillets on stock thicker than the nose diameter.
  • Edge Bead Heavy Duty TCT

    TCT Moulding Edge Bead Heavy Duty A range of dual purpose edge moulding cutters designed to finish work tops and edges with a single bead mould or a full bullnose on the edge of material between 4mm to 12mm in thickness.
  • Hand Bead TCT

    TCT Edge Moulding Shallow Bead A shallow radius style bull nose cutter ideal for a hand hold which is able to plunge into the centre of a board. Designed to finish solid edged worktops for kitchens or display work areas. These have a shallow radius DESCRIPTION The shallow arc is ideal for a hand hold shape rather than a full 180-degree round over, this also has short flats above and below the cutter arc which can produce a small quirk effect for an edge mould for example
  • TCT Undercut Groovers 4 Wing M12*1 Internal Bore Groovers 4 wing and threaded M12*1.5mm bore which enable flush recessing. The arbor and bearings are sold separately and the TTUGA arbor is for use without a bearing only, the others can be used with or without a bearing provided the correct shims are used to bring it flush at the bottom. Arbor and bearings are separate items. All prices exclude VAT. All prices exclude VAT. DESCRIPTION TTUG10, TTUG15 and TTUG20 groover can be used for fitting fire proof strip. If no bearing is used, you can use the arbor TTUGA. If bearing is to be used, use the arbors TTUGALR for all groovers except TTUG20, which requires Arbor TTUGAXLR. The following list shows the Rebate Depth obtainable with each Bearing size for a 50mm diameter groover: B25=12.5mm, B26=12mm, B28=11mm, B30=10mm, B32=9mm, B34=8mm, B36=7mm, B37=6.5mm, B42=4mm.
  • Slitting Saws TCT

    Slitting saws for use with arbors TTLDTA and TTMGA6.35 When using this arbor TTMGA6.35 the screw head is only 1.5mm beyond the groover. The use of a bearing with 8 mm bore is possible on the shank side. These can be found in the bearings section through the main heading on the home page. TTLDTA Arbor inclusive spacers and bearing no. B16 (D = 16). Further bearings with bore 6,35 mm can be found in the bearings section through the main heading on the home page.
  • Grooving blade TCT

    TCT Groovers Light Duty 4 wing Suitable for producing biscuit jointing slots, small T&G sections and rebates, can be used with or without a bearing and multiple groovers can be mounted on the one arbor. DESCRIPTION Use TTLDTANB Arbor when no Bearing is used. Use TTLDTA Arbor with TTB16 Bearing. Z=Number of flutes. RPM=Maximum revolutions per minute Groove Depth with various bearings are as follows TTB14 = 13.6mm, TTB15 = 13.1mm, TT5/8-B16 = 12.6mm, TTB17 = 12.1mm, TTB18 = 11.6mm, TTB19 = 12.1mm, TTB20 = 10.6mm, TTB21 = 10.1mm, TTB22 = 9.6mm, TTB23 = 9.1mm, TTB24 = 8.6mm, TTB25 = 8.1mm
  • TCT Biscuit Joint Biscuit Joint Slotter with Arbor self guided. Comes with 3 interchangeable bearings to produce slots for the popular biscuit sizes of 0,10 and 20. Ideal for hardwood, softwoods, ply, MDF and chipboard. DESCRIPTION Z=Number of flutes. RPM=Maximum revolutions per minute Groove Depth with various bearings are as follows TTB15 = 12.5mm, TTB19 = 10.5mm, TTB23 = 8.5mm.
  • Fire Strip Slotter TCT

    TCT Groover Consists of Groover, Bearing and Arbor. Can be supplied for 10, 15 and 20mm strip. DESCRIPTION Consists of Groover, Bearing and Arbor. Can be supplied for 10, 15, 20 and 25mm strip. For slotting doors with a portable routing machine, using a Guide Bearing to give the correct cutting depth of 4mm. Suits Therma Seal Intumescent Strip.
  • Classic Cove TCT

    TCT Classical Perfect for drawer fronts in solid material for enhancing the style and appearance of panelled work.
  • Profile Edge Mould Classic Decor TCT Bearing Guided This classic shape is a fine cutter for reproduction furniture, bolection mould and any work in which the natural finish and beauty of wood is to be enhanced.
  • Profile Edge Mould Classic Lambs Tongue TCT Bearing Guided Classic Lambs Tongue mould perfect for finishing table and furniture tops. DESCRIPTION These cutters are supplied with a 9.5mm diameter bearing and a 12.7mm diameter bearing.
  • Folding Tool TCT

    ACM FOLDING AND SCORING TCT These cutters are specially deigned for routing aluminium composite material. Used to rout V-grooves of 90 degree, 108 degree or 135 degree inclusive into the centre of the material for the folding the ACM into a 90 degree, 72 degree or 45 degree corner, this procedure will allow easy foldinging of the material preventing the cracking in the intended folded area.
  • TCT Raised Panel Grecian Ogee Ideal for heavy cornice and dado rail production. Used in restoration and as a classic mould for picture frames, to produce raised panels on drawer fronts and doors.
  • Barley Twist TCT A range of cutters which are ideal for producing barley twist designs for chair legs and pilaster fluting. Can also be used for edge profiling. DESCRIPTION A range of cutters which are ideal for producing barley twist designs for chair legs and pilaster fluting. Please also see the TTGC and the Ogee range for alternative cutters that may be used for fluting. TTBTC1 - Astragal Effect gives an extra feature to turned parts. Can also be used as an edge profile or special panel effect. TTBTC2 - This Shallow Radius cutter is very popular for standard barley twist design. Ideal for use on heavy duty lathes with routing attachment. TTBTC3 - This Ovolo Cutter is a deeper version of TTBTC2. Can be used for engraving when used with a CNC router machine. TTBTC4 - This Double Radius Effect cutter can be used as an edge mould cutter. TTBTC5 - The largest Ogee Effect cutter in this range. An ideal choice for flat roping or parallel fluting. TTBTC6 - The smaller version of the TTBTC5 Ogee Cutter. Can also be used for roping effect and fluting as well as panel raising.
  • TCT Undercut With Bearing A range of cutters used to produce a recess on the underside of lettering. DESCRIPTION A range of cutters used to produce a recess on the underside of lettering.
  • Ogee TCT

    TCT Ogee Used for paneling and edge moulding for that classic ogee feature.
  • Chamfering Edge TCT

    TCT Chamfering Edge Chamfering Edge Cutters. Reducing and Chamfering. DESCRIPTION TTCEC45, TTCECR45, TTLTC4, TTLTCR4, TTLTC63, TTLTCR63 are non plunge but with bottom cut facility. TTCECR45 is the reverse of TTCEC45. TTCECR45L is the reverse of TTCEC45L. TTLTC4 and TTLTCR4 give a lambs tongue effect as TTROB range. TTLTCR4 is the reverse of TTLTC4. TTLTCR63 is the reverse of TTLTC63.
  • Panel Pilot Pierce and Trim TCT A very popular robust solid end plunge and guided panel pilot or pierce and trim cutter widely used within the caravan, mobile home and motor home manufacture industry, this is ideal for cutting apertures and openings in the walls and floor pans. DESCRIPTION The V point end design allows the cutter to plunging into the board and the solid guide immediately behind this is used as the follower. There are two options here in design with the single flute and double flute versions. A single flute cuts faster with good chip clearance which then has less friction, but can leave a rougher cut on certain materials. A double flute produces a cleaner finish with a slower feed rate The TTPDT127-1/2SF has a solid guide at the end and in the middle of two cutting edges allowing for the simultaneous trimming of a top and bottom covering over the wooden frame construction.
  • Panel Moulding TCT

    TCT Minature Bead Cutters A range of minature beading cutters for fine decorative work. These cutters perform best at 24,000 RPM.
  • Profile Edge Mould Classic Roman Ogee TCT Bearing Guided Classic Roman Ogee used in any work needing a quality finish. DESCRIPTION One cutter - three shapes by changing bearing. Cutters supplied with 12.7mm and 16mm bearings.
  • Rounding Over Pin Guided TCT

    TCT Rounding Over With Guide Pin Available in fractional sizes to relieve corners on small panels, or larger radii for stair nosings, window boards and many shelf and display units. DESCRIPTION. Careful feeding will prevent the pin from marking workpiece. Pin diameter 8.9mm by 6.1mm long
  • STRAIGHT FLUTED SOLID CARBIDE For use on plastics, acrylics, composites and light metals . DESCRIPTION These straight double fluted plunging solid carbide router cutters are ideal for use on plastics, acrylics, foam ABS, aluminium and magnesium . Please ensure that the shank is inserted fully into the collet, this helps reduce vibration which causes a reduction in the quality of finish.
  • Sinking & Strip Recessor

    SINKING AND STRIP RECESSING TCT For library and book shelving strip/tonk strip.
  • Slotting

    TCT Slotting Ideal for slots in pencil box lids etc and internal slotting work. Suitable for intumescent fireproof strip.
  • TCT Shark Nose Designed to finish off worktops, table tops and basic edge finishing requirements. Traditional once rounded and splay profile. Will radius hardwoods and softwood edgings, safe return design - ideal in kitchens, receptions and technical workplaces.
  • DOWNCUT SHEAR DOUBLE FLUTE TCT Shear action downcut to reduce breakout. DESCRIPTION For short producton runs only. For longer and improved performance see our Solid Carbide Range. *These tools are designed to give a 'tear' free groove in conjunction with a tight housed joint when using plywood.
  • Sunk Bead Bearing Guided TCT

    Used to create a fluting effect on the edge of furniture. TTRWHC range are used to create a fluting effect on the edge of furniture. TTSBCB range has a removeable bearing system. When requiring a self guiding effect ensure the jig has clearance between workpiece and bottom of cutter. TTHHC20 and TTRHHC20 complement each other and when used together perform the cuts needed to form a drop leaf table joint. Please note some of these products are Made To Order.
  • Stair Nosing TCT

    TCT Stair Nosing This range have a flatter style to a standard full bull nose offering an alternative profile on stair treads, window boards and these can also be used to relieve sharp corners on the standard board thickness. DESCRIPTION The TTSNCB10 has a bottom bearing.
  • Sunk Bead

    These cutters can be used as matched sets of flute and beads or as individual sunk bead and reads. TTDSB8, TTDSB9 and TTDSB10 are suitable for moulding table surrounds and capillary drip grooves for window surrounds. TTRDSB8, TTRDSB9 and TTRDSB10 are matched to the TTDSB8, TTDSB9 and TTDSB10 range for the production of strip planking.
  • Stair Housing TCT

    TCT Stair Tread Housing A range of cutters for the popular sizes of stair treads for use in conjunction with jigs and trenching machines. For the stair trenching machines some cutters are offered in both rotation, left and right hand
  • SPOILBOARD SURFACE PLANER 2 & 3 WING TCT For trimming aluminium flashing. DESCRIPTION TTSMC20 has a shear action for finer finish.
  • Sunk Bead Decorative TCT

    This range of bead cutters produce mouldings to highlight features such as fascia rails, chair backs or decorative sections 'planted' on bedroom furniture to bring a line and feature to a continuous layout. TTDSB4 is a sunken flute cutter with a shallow radius to produce a soft effect. An ideal cutter to produce fluted pillars, for fire surrounds and 'gable ends' on bedroom furniture. Useful cutter to cut on a glue joint to hide the glue line. TTDSB5 is a sunk bead mould perfect for finishing wall unit facias and cover moulds on window sections. TTDSB7 is ideal for fluting or decorating solid surrounds.
  • SINGLE FLUTE SOLID CARBIDE For use on plastics, acrylics and light metals. The 'O' flute design reduces heat build up on low melting point materials. DESCRIPTION These straight single fluted plunging solid carbide router cutters are ideal for use on plastics, acrylics, foam, ABS, aluminium and magnesium . Please ensure that the shank is inserted fully into the collet, this helps reduce vibration which causes a reduction in the quality of finish and use the shortest cut lengths possible. The radius flute design gives effective cutting on ductile plastics, an ideal tool for cutting ABS components for example on 5 and 7 axis machines and offer efficient effective chip clearance with the for smooth feed rate that CNC's offer
  • Bevel with Bottom Radius TCT

    TCT Bevelled With Bottom Radius A range of bevelled cutters with a bottom radius ideal for scallop fluting and finger pull applications.
  • Hinge Recessor

    HINGE AND FIRE STRIP RECESSER TCT A cutter ideal for hinge recessing and the underside of handrails, these have extra long shanks for use with the popular hinge jigs on the market
  • Decorative Edge

    Profile Edge Mould Decorative TCT The TTDEC range of tools are perfect for enhancing the appearance of square edged timber many of which offer balanced moulds for use on sections of woodwork at the centre of the design.
  • TAPERED DOUBLE FLUTE TCT Two flute cutters with taper designed for constructing vacuum forming moulds. DESCRIPTION Two flute cutters with taper designed for constructing vacuum forming moulds. 2 degree tapered side allows easier release. TTH58212T can produce a leading edge on a door.
  • Edge Mould TCT

    TCT Profile Edge Mould This range of edge moulding offers a varied selection of profiles for table edgings
  • UP/DOWN SHEAR STAGGERED TOOTH TCT A fine finish may be achieved for trimming veneered and double-faced boards, plywoods and natural timbers using these up-down two flute cutters. DESCRIPTION A fine finish may be achieved for trimming veneered and double-faced boards, plywoods and natural timbers using these up-down two flute cutters.
  • Pin diameter is 5.5mm by 5.5mm long
  • DESCRIPTION To achieve a perfect tongued and grooved joint for flooring and paneling use the TTFFC28 in conjunction with a TTG35552-6.35 mini groover ( for the groove ). The same arbor can be used for the TTFFC28 and TTFA20 The TTFA20 is also for use with the TTLDTA style of arbor.  
  • Torus Mould Profiles TCT

    TCT Multi-Mould DESCRIPTION TTTOR25 gives an ornate moulding used in full or in part. TTTOR22 is a possible picture rail and cover mould cutter. TTTOR27 ideal to use the complete mould or part for short production runs. Excellent cutter to produce ornate skirting and architrave moulding. TTTOR-B gives a deep cavetto effect with a bead to break up the line of the mould. The fine lines of this cutter make it an excellent choice for matching skirting and architrave. TTTOR-C is a variation of the Torus Mould (TTTOR-T).
  • TCT Rounding Over A unique cutter designed for short skirting production, or for relieving a square section.