TCT Undercut Groovers 4 Wing M12*1 Internal Bore
Groovers 4 wing and threaded M12*1.5mm bore which enable flush recessing. The arbor and bearings are sold separately and the TTUGA arbor is for use without a bearing only, the others can be used with or without a bearing provided the correct shims are used to bring it flush at the bottom. Arbor and bearings are separate items. All prices exclude VAT.

All prices exclude VAT.

TTUG10, TTUG15 and TTUG20 groover can be used for fitting fire proof strip.

If no bearing is used, you can use the arbor TTUGA.

If bearing is to be used, use the arbors TTUGALR for all groovers except TTUG20, which requires Arbor TTUGAXLR.

The following list shows the Rebate Depth obtainable with each Bearing size for a 50mm diameter groover:
B25=12.5mm, B26=12mm, B28=11mm, B30=10mm, B32=9mm, B34=8mm, B36=7mm, B37=6.5mm, B42=4mm.