About Us

Founded in 1973 and starting out in a backstreet shed in London, we are proud to have grown into a world-renowned brand at the forefront of cutting technology. Offering the finest quality precision-made industrial tooling to customers worldwide.

With Titman it’s all about quality. We are committed to offering good customer service – using our experience of the industry and breadth of knowledge to help you find the right tools – at the best price. View our full product range.

Unique manufacturing features

  • All double flute cutters have safe plunging centre points. Loading tests show cutters without this feature require three times more downward pressure than a Titman cutter with plunging point.

  • Cutters are specially relieved for clearance

  • Many special grades of carbide are used, depending on the cutter type

  • Cutter bodies are made from many grades of the finest British steels

  • High tolererance grinding for superior cutting performances

  • Skilled craftsmen employed at all manufacturing processes

  • Over six cleaning operations during manufacture ensures no contamination occurs in any of the production methods

  • 99% of all TCT tooling in our range are made by Titman in Clacton from quality UK sources materials giving our customers real British tooling

Accreditations and certifications

With BS EN ISO 9001:2008 accreditation and BG form certification you can be confident that the materials and methods used in our production have the correct traceability, conformity and consistency expected from one of Europe’s leading tooling manufacturers. Certificate number: FM21913.

Bg Form

Our tooling is designed with safety in mind and by using the highest quality materials in our tooling ensures we comply to exacting standards set, which guarantees a safe cutter with a high degree of precision and a well balanced finish.
Bg form applies to cutters over 15.9mm in diameter, have a thickness chip limit of 1.1mm and kickback ratio not exceeding 0.25
BG Test 145 – 001 = profile/shaped cutters
BG Test 145 – 002 = straight flute panel cutters
BG EN 847 -1/-2/-3 = where appropriate