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Titman Router Tooling & Cutting

Welcome! Titman is proud to be a world-renowned brand at the forefront of router cutting technology. We offer the finest quality precision-made industrial tooling to customers worldwide. Independent tests have proven Titman cutters to be amongst the longest lasting in the world.

We are committed to offering excellent customer service. We use our experience of the industry and breadth of knowledge to help you find the right tools – and sell them at the best price.

Our complete online catalogue is available right at your fingertips, and includes: Router tooling and tool bits

The finest router cutters on the market:

  • Double flute cutters have safe plunging centre points. Tests show cutters without require 3 times more downward pressure.
  • Cutters specially relieved for clearance.
  • Cutters made using special grades of carbide.
  • Cutter bodies made from the finest UK steels.
  • High tolerence grinding gives superior cutting performance.
  • Manufactured by skilled craftsmen.
  • Over 6 cleaning operations during manufacturing, so no contamination.
  • 99% of our TCT Tooling are made by Titman from quality UK sourced materials.

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