Re-sharpening Titman TCT Router Cutters

The following points must be noted when re-sharpening Titman TCT Router Cutters.

  • Avoid overheating the tip as this will cause cracking and the brazed joint is liable to fail, (overheating can be caused by using the incorrect wheel).
  • We recommend only grinding the face of the cutter, unless the edges have been chipped.
  • A flair-cup wheel should be used for grinding the face of the cutter, and a dish wheel for grinding the outside edge.
  • After several re-sharpens the steel backing may need relieving to bring the clearance back to the same amount as when the cutter was new.
    This prevents burning and rubbing and allows for fast teed rates. Titman’s will be pleased to carry out this grinding operation if any problems occur in this area of re-sharpening.
  • Any problems with grinding router cutters please contact Titman Tools or your diamond wheel supplier, who will advise grit size and the correct bond.
  • Check extraction meets COSHH Regulations.

Recommended feed rates

Maximise the life of Titman tooling by using the correct feed rates.

Unique manufacturing features

All important manufacturing features that make Titman router cutters the finest available on the market.

Versatile Finger Joint Cutter

A five finger TCT Finger Jointing Cutter which is made up of three separate sections mounted onto an arbor with a 28mm bearing.

Profile and Scribe Sets

A dedicated male and female cutter set that offers seven various profiles on an arbor. The set can be used on fixed head routers, portable machines or inverted in a router table.

Safety guidelines

Hints and tip for the safe use of Titman router bits

Profile/Scribe Cutter

A profile and scriber cutter mounted onto one arbor with a bearing designed for short production runs.

Raised Panel Effect

The standard raised panel cutter range is designed for use on, fixed head machines, undermounted on a router table or on CNC machines.