TCT Groovers Light Duty 4 wing
Suitable for producing biscuit jointing slots, small T&G sections and rebates, can be used with or without a bearing and multiple groovers can be mounted on the one arbor.

Use TTLDTANB Arbor when no Bearing is used.

Use TTLDTA Arbor with TTB16 Bearing.

Z=Number of flutes. RPM=Maximum revolutions per minute

Groove Depth with various bearings are as follows

TTB14 = 13.6mm, TTB15 = 13.1mm, TT5/8-B16 = 12.6mm, TTB17 = 12.1mm, TTB18 = 11.6mm, TTB19 = 12.1mm, TTB20 = 10.6mm, TTB21 = 10.1mm, TTB22 = 9.6mm, TTB23 = 9.1mm, TTB24 = 8.6mm, TTB25 = 8.1mm