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    These cutters are specially deigned for routing aluminium composite material.Used to rout V-grooves of 90 degree, 108 degree or 135 degree inclusive into the centre of the material for the folding the ACM into a 90 degree, 72 degree or 45 degree corner, this procedure will allow easy foldinging of the material preventing the cracking in the intended folded area.

  2. TCT Face Milling


    For trimming aluminium flashing.
  3. TCT 90 degree Internal Bearing Guide Edge Trimmer - Small Diameters


    These trimmers designed for use on all decorative aluminium laminates and are manufactured with a different grade carbide and ground to provide more support to the cutting edge for the use in trimming. This also helps prevent heat build up resulting in the accumaltion of aluminium deposits behind the cutting egde of the tip

  4. STC Two Flute - Acrylic Helical Flute (Upcut/Downcut)

    Aluminium, Plastic and Composite Cutting Solid Carbide Spiral with double flute downward cut action

    For use on plastic, aluminium, composite cladding and light metals. The downward cutting action of the spiral leaves a clean top edge finish.
  5. TCT Barley Twist Cutters

    Barley Twist TCT

    A range of cutters which are ideal for producing barley twist designs for chair legs and pilaster fluting. Can also be used for edge profiling.
  6. TCT 'V' Grooving

    Radiused 'V' Grooving TCT

    Ideal for panel and veining work, lettering, engraving, sign making, fluting, decorative trimming and barley twist.
  7. TCT Double Sunk Bead With Bearings

    Adjustable Reed TCT

    This unique cutter offers the perfect solution for shaping tapered chair legs. The overlap of the bottom radius allows for the taper during machining.
  8. TCT Staff/Corner Bead With Bearings

    Corner Bead With Bearings TCT

    These cutters are the perfect solution to finishing cladding and corners on pillar covering or for enhancing square table legs or returns on wall unit furniture.
  9. TCT Double Sunk Bead With Bearings

    Double Sunk Bead TCT

    A double sunk bead with bearings mounted top and bottom ideal for giving a fluted effect on 'gabled ends' on bedroom, dining room furniture and cabinets
  10. TCT Sunk Bead With Bearing

    Sunk Bead Various TCT

    A versatile and varied range of cutters.
  11. Profile Edge Mould Decorative TCT

    Profile Edge Mould Decorative TCT

    The TTDEC range of tools are perfect for enhancing the appearance of square edged timber many of which offer balanced moulds for use on sections of woodwork at the centre of the design.
  12. Sunk Bead Decorative TCT

    Sunk Bead Decorative TCT

    This range of bead cutters produce mouldings to highlight features such as fascia rails, chair backs or decorative sections 'planted' on bedroom furniture to bring a line and feature to a continuous layout.
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Items 1-12 of 212