• TCT Double Flute Fitted with self-guiding Bearing for rounding over. See cutters TTXC301 and TTXC321 for complete rounding over.
  • Surface Spoilboard Planer TCT

    TCT Spoilboard For trimming bowls, trepanning and face milling. Ideal for removing flashing and large surface areas of raised draining board channels.
  • Ovolo TCT

    TCT Ovolo Used in conjunction with a side fence, most ovolo and rounding over operations can be produced with this extensive range. These cutters have plunging facility.
  • DESCRIPTION Supplied with 2 bearings, 12.7mm and 16mm in diameter, two shapes can produced with one cutter by changing the bearing size. The 16 mm diameter bearing removes the bottom quirk.  
  • Radius Cove TCT

    DESCRIPTION A comprehensive range of Core Box, Cove, Radius, Guttering cutters with radii from 1.6mm to 25.4mm. Cutters with part number starting TTCBB have a shank mounted bearing fitted.
  • TCT Cove Mould Bearing Guided Producing a quarter round on the edge of the workpiece these are ideal for detailing casework, doors and drawers, posts and columns. The cove also makes up one-half of the rule joint used on drop-leaf tables. DESCRIPTION These cutters come complete with TTB127 and TTB16 bearings. Matching rounding over cutters available for rule joints.
  • T Slot TCT & PCD

    TCT T-Slot Square Edged Designed for creating the T-slot in wall panels used in the point of sale industry for shelving and display purposes.
  • TCT Bullnose Staff Bead A full bullnose radius for stair treads, nosings, window boards and edge mouldings Flats at top and bottom of the cutting edges create fillets on stock thicker than the nose diameter.
  • Edge Bead Heavy Duty TCT

    TCT Moulding Edge Bead Heavy Duty A range of dual purpose edge moulding cutters designed to finish work tops and edges with a single bead mould or a full bullnose on the edge of material between 4mm to 12mm in thickness.
  • Sunk Bead Bearing Guided TCT

    Used to create a fluting effect on the edge of furniture. TTRWHC range are used to create a fluting effect on the edge of furniture. TTSBCB range has a removeable bearing system. When requiring a self guiding effect ensure the jig has clearance between workpiece and bottom of cutter. TTHHC20 and TTRHHC20 complement each other and when used together perform the cuts needed to form a drop leaf table joint. Please note some of these products are Made To Order.
  • Sunk Bead

    These cutters can be used as matched sets of flute and beads or as individual sunk bead and reads. TTDSB8, TTDSB9 and TTDSB10 are suitable for moulding table surrounds and capillary drip grooves for window surrounds. TTRDSB8, TTRDSB9 and TTRDSB10 are matched to the TTDSB8, TTDSB9 and TTDSB10 range for the production of strip planking.