'T' slot, Ball Slot and Keyhole

Order T Slot router bits

Our t slot router bits are top quality, and they’re available to purchase online. As part of our larger collection of router cutters, you might also be interested in our rebate cutters, panel moulding router bits, or our finger jointing cutters. Available to order now.

  • Sunk Bead

    These cutters can be used as matched sets of flute and beads or as individual sunk bead and reads. TTDSB8, TTDSB9 and TTDSB10 are suitable for moulding table surrounds and capillary drip grooves for window surrounds. TTRDSB8, TTRDSB9 and TTRDSB10 are matched to the TTDSB8, TTDSB9 and TTDSB10 range for the production of strip planking.
  • Slotting

    TCT Slotting Ideal for slots in pencil box lids etc and internal slotting work. Suitable for intumescent fireproof strip.
  • TCT Undercut With Bearing A range of cutters used to produce a recess on the underside of lettering. DESCRIPTION A range of cutters used to produce a recess on the underside of lettering.
  • T Slot TCT & PCD

    TCT T-Slot Square Edged Designed for creating the T-slot in wall panels used in the point of sale industry for shelving and display purposes.
  • Keyhole Slot TCT

    TCT Keyhole Slotter Single flute keyhole slot router cutter for hanging items flush to a wall by making an aperture in the back of the workpiece. DESCRIPTION Ideal for the use with No 8 & No 10 screw heads for the application of hanging plaques, picture frames
  • Ball Slot TCT

    BALL GROOVER SINGLE FLUTE TCT A range of single flute ball slot cutters designed for pipe and cable laying into timber and MDF. DESCRIPTION Important - cut neck slot first, do not run on neck but use a side fence or guide. NB The neck does not cut. Suggested cutters for neck slot: TTM716 for TTTSB127 neck diameter 6.5mm; TTM1020 for TTTSB254 neck diameter 9.5mm; TTM1325 for TTTSB32 neck diameter 12.7mm