• Angles are measured from the horizontal. Tips are reversible and are sold in boxes of 10.
  • 10 to 12.7mm diameter straight 2 fluted Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) router cutters made in our own factory in the UK. The cutters are made by the same craftsmen that make our world famous Industrial range of Cutters using a slightly diffreent grade of Tungsten Carbide Tip. The cutters still give a fantastic finish, great longevity of use and of course can be re-sharpened. A superb cutter at a very competitive price, try them we're sure you will love them.
  • DESCRIPTION A comprehensive range of straight fluted router cutters with diameters from 1.5mm to 50.8mm with parallel and internally threaded shank configurations. There are some left hand rotational cutters in this range. Part numbers starting with TTWLC are for use in inlay work and have a chisel point end. TTPH do not plunge.        
  • Template Profilers with Shank Mounted Bearing 90 Degree TCT These double flute flush trim plunge router cutters are designed for use on template and pattern work, blind profiling and plunging i.e. internal aperture cut outs, and can be used in hand-held and table-mounted routers. They have a shank mounted bearing which will run along and follow the template which is attached to the workpiece with the end result being an exact duplicate of the template itself. DESCRIPTION TTPGC957-1/4, PGC9513-1/4 and PGC127127-1/4 cutters have a double bearing and an extended shank, overall length is 65mm, 71mm and 71mm respectively. TTTPGC12795 and TTTPGC12725 use TTB127 Bearing, TTTPGC1620 uses TTB16 Bearing. This range of Profile Guide Cutters are made with plunging facility/plunging centre points ideal for blind profiling and plunging. i.e. double skinned plywood.
  • V Groover TCT

    DESCRIPTION Ideal for veining work, freehand decor for panels and useful for character lining work on sign writing applications in solid timbers. The angle ( measurement A ) is measured from the horizontal. TTVGC45SF-1/2, TTVGC45SF-1/4, TTVGC45SF-12, TTVGC60SF-1/2, TTVGC60SF-1/4, TTVGC60SF-12, TTVGC60SF-8 cut to a point. TTVGCB45-1/4, TTVGCB60-127-1/4 have a shank mounted bearing.  
  • TCT Bevelled With Bottom Bearing A range of bevelled chamfer cutters with bottom guide bearing for large sections of timber, chipboard and MDF.
  • Ovolo TCT

    TCT Ovolo Used in conjunction with a side fence, most ovolo and rounding over operations can be produced with this extensive range. These cutters have plunging facility.
  • DESCRIPTION Supplied with 2 bearings, 12.7mm and 16mm in diameter, two shapes can produced with one cutter by changing the bearing size. The 16 mm diameter bearing removes the bottom quirk.  
  • These cutters are the perfect solution to finishing cladding and corners on pillar covering or for enhancing square table legs or returns on wall unit furniture. The diameter of the bead is twice the value of the radius i.e. R=2mm the bead diameter is 4mm.
  • TCT Cove Mould Bearing Guided Producing a quarter round on the edge of the workpiece these are ideal for detailing casework, doors and drawers, posts and columns. The cove also makes up one-half of the rule joint used on drop-leaf tables. DESCRIPTION These cutters come complete with TTB127 and TTB16 bearings. Matching rounding over cutters available for rule joints.
  • Dovetail TCT

    TCT Dovetail Standard sizes for all dovetail and sliding dovetail applications ie slot dovetail, hidden dovetail, etc. DESCRIPTION Available with scribers on TTDCS14.3-8 & TTDCS127-1/4 to enable use in conjunction with portable routing jigs. Parts TTADC12B-1/4, TTBDC14B-1/4 have shank mounted bearings fitted.
  • With either an up or downward cutting action. NEG code denotes downward cutting action, POS code denotes upward cutting action, For use with CNC machines.
  • TCT Bullnose Staff Bead A full bullnose radius for stair treads, nosings, window boards and edge mouldings Flats at top and bottom of the cutting edges create fillets on stock thicker than the nose diameter.
  • Barley Twist TCT A range of cutters which are ideal for producing barley twist designs for chair legs and pilaster fluting. Can also be used for edge profiling. DESCRIPTION A range of cutters which are ideal for producing barley twist designs for chair legs and pilaster fluting. Please also see the TTGC and the Ogee range for alternative cutters that may be used for fluting. TTBTC1 - Astragal Effect gives an extra feature to turned parts. Can also be used as an edge profile or special panel effect. TTBTC2 - This Shallow Radius cutter is very popular for standard barley twist design. Ideal for use on heavy duty lathes with routing attachment. TTBTC3 - This Ovolo Cutter is a deeper version of TTBTC2. Can be used for engraving when used with a CNC router machine. TTBTC4 - This Double Radius Effect cutter can be used as an edge mould cutter. TTBTC5 - The largest Ogee Effect cutter in this range. An ideal choice for flat roping or parallel fluting. TTBTC6 - The smaller version of the TTBTC5 Ogee Cutter. Can also be used for roping effect and fluting as well as panel raising.
  • Weatherseal Recessor TCT

    British made TCT Trade cutters for Aquamac and Intumescent Strips. Use E207HTC for Aquamac 21, E206HTC for Aquamac 63.
  • Chamfering Edge TCT

    TCT Chamfering Edge Chamfering Edge Cutters. Reducing and Chamfering. DESCRIPTION TTCEC45, TTCECR45, TTLTC4, TTLTCR4, TTLTC63, TTLTCR63 are non plunge but with bottom cut facility. TTCECR45 is the reverse of TTCEC45. TTCECR45L is the reverse of TTCEC45L. TTLTC4 and TTLTCR4 give a lambs tongue effect as TTROB range. TTLTCR4 is the reverse of TTLTC4. TTLTCR63 is the reverse of TTLTC63.
  • Drill holder for Morbidelli, Biesse, Weeke, Reimall, Torwegge, Busellato, Bottcher, Gessner, Ayen Available in different thread sizes and in Right Hand (part codes suffixed RH) and Left Hand (part codes suffixed LH) threads to suit a variety of popular machines. DESCRIPTION Available in different thread sizes and in Right Hand (part codes suffixed RH) and Left Hand (part codes suffixed LH) threads to suit a variety of popular machines. Available with spigot if required. TTMB10M has a 10mm thread and suits Morbidelli, Biesse, Weeke, Reimall, Torwegge, Busellato, Bottcher, Gessner, Ayen machines. TTAB10M has a 10mm thread and suits Alberti, SCM, Vitap, Balestrini, Bilek, Ombe machines. TTNM8M has a 8mm thread and suits Nottmeyer machines. TTMB10BR has a 3/8 BSF thread and suits Brookman machines: TTMB10RY has a 3/8 BSW thread and suits Rye machines: Please ensure correct variation is selected when ordering. For machines not listed here please contact the Sales Department with details of thread size and type, aperture size and overall lengths for advice.
  • Radius Cove TCT

    British made TCT Cove Cutters with two flutes for a cleaner finish. Ideal for making radiused grooves for decorative finishes etc. When making deeper channels take several passes.
  • Profile Edge Mould Classic Roman Ogee TCT Bearing Guided Classic Roman Ogee used in any work needing a quality finish. DESCRIPTION One cutter - three shapes by changing bearing. Cutters supplied with 12.7mm and 16mm bearings.
  • Rounding Over Pin Guided TCT

    TCT Rounding Over With Guide Pin Available in fractional sizes to relieve corners on small panels, or larger radii for stair nosings, window boards and many shelf and display units. DESCRIPTION. Careful feeding will prevent the pin from marking workpiece. Pin diameter 8.9mm by 6.1mm long
  • SPOILBOARD SURFACE PLANER 2 & 3 WING TCT For trimming aluminium flashing. DESCRIPTION TTSMC20 has a shear action for finer finish.