• TCT Double Flute Fitted with self-guiding Bearing for rounding over. See cutters TTXC301 and TTXC321 for complete rounding over.
  • These router cutters are designed for use on template and pattern work, blind profiling and plunging They have a shank mounted bearing which will run along and follow the template which is attached to the work piece with the end result being an exact duplicate of the template itself.  
  • Widely used for copy profiling and flush trimming . Aluminium cutting reference numbers TTSIBGT90LK-1/2 , TTSIBGT90LK-1/4 Downward shear cutter action reference numbers TTBGT90LKS-1/2, TTBGT90LKS-1/4, TTBGT90LKS-12, TTBGT90LKS-6, TTBGT90LKS-8, TTBGT90S-1/4, TTBGT90S-6, TTBGT90S-8, cutters have a downward shear cutting action. Top and Bottom bearing guided reference numbers TBGT90LK1DB-1/2, TTBGT90LK2DB-1/2, TTBGT90LK2DB-12, TTBGT90LK2DB-4-1/2, TTBGT90LKDB-1/2, TTBGT90LKDB-8 TTBGT90LKSLP-1/4, TTBGT90SLP-1/4 have a low profile end screw for restrictive access applications. Oversize bearing cutters reference numbers TTIBGT63LK-B375-1/4, TIBGT63LK-B375-6 have an oversize bottom bearing for overhang trimming. TTSET1214-1/4 has a solid end bearing for heavy duty work.    
  • V Groover TCT

    DESCRIPTION Ideal for veining work, freehand decor for panels and useful for character lining work on sign writing applications in solid timbers. The angle ( measurement A ) is measured from the horizontal. TTVGC45SF-1/2, TTVGC45SF-1/4, TTVGC45SF-12, TTVGC60SF-1/2, TTVGC60SF-1/4, TTVGC60SF-12, TTVGC60SF-8 cut to a point. TTVGCB45-1/4, TTVGCB60-127-1/4 have a shank mounted bearing.  
  • TCT Bevelled With Bottom Bearing A range of bevelled chamfer cutters with bottom guide bearing for large sections of timber, chipboard and MDF.
  • Dovetail TCT

    TCT Dovetail Standard sizes for all dovetail and sliding dovetail applications ie slot dovetail, hidden dovetail, etc. DESCRIPTION Available with scribers on TTDCS14.3-8 & TTDCS127-1/4 to enable use in conjunction with portable routing jigs. Parts TTADC12B-1/4, TTBDC14B-1/4 have shank mounted bearings fitted.
  • TCT Four Flute Cutter For grooving and heavy rebate work.
  • Ogee TCT

    TCT Ogee Used for paneling and edge moulding for that classic ogee feature.
  • Rounding Over Pin Guided TCT

    TCT Rounding Over With Guide Pin Available in fractional sizes to relieve corners on small panels, or larger radii for stair nosings, window boards and many shelf and display units. DESCRIPTION. Careful feeding will prevent the pin from marking workpiece. Pin diameter 8.9mm by 6.1mm long
  • TCT Two Flute Rounding Over Fitted with a Shank mounted Bearing. First cut with TTXC301, finshing using matching TTXC321. Eliminates flat on edge.
  • Weatherseal Recessor TCT

    British made TCT Trade cutters for Aquamac and Intumescent Strips. Use E207HTC for Aquamac 21, E206HTC for Aquamac 63.
  • SPOILBOARD SURFACE PLANER 2 & 3 WING TCT For trimming aluminium flashing. DESCRIPTION TTSMC20 has a shear action for finer finish.
  • Burrs and Rasps STC

    Solid Carbide Burrs Ideally suited for freehand stock removal, weld preparation and finishing of nimonic alloy components. A smooth finish can be achieved on metal, plastic and other materials. RPM for each product in this range: TTSCB1 - 10,000-30,000 TTSCB2 - 20,000-90,000 TTSCB3 - 10,000-30,000 TTSCB4 - 20,000-50,000 TTSCB5 - 10,000-30,000 TTSCB6 - 20,000-50,000 TTSCB7 - 10,000-30,000 TTSCB8 - 10,000-30,000 TTSCB9 and TTSCB95 - 20,000-50,000 TTSCB10 - 20,000-50,000 TTSCB11-TTSCB14 - 20,000-50,006