• Straight Single Flute TCT

    TCT Single Flute A high performance, single flute, cutter for extra clearance when cutting apertures and shaping work. The single flute gives a stronger backing support to the cutting edge.
  • Box Cove TCT

    TCT Two Flute Box Cove For fine work to produce double radius in one pass, adjustable should material thicknesses vary. DESCRIPTION A further extension of the guttering cutter range with deeper cut for shallow fingerpull applications. Can also be used for cove cut on worktop upstands. For use with a template and guide bush for draining board grooves. Is suitable for producing grooves to take insulation rods.
  • Straight Fluted TCT

    The cutters still give a fantastic finish, great longevity of use and of course can be re-sharpened, a superb cutter at a very competitive price.
  • DESCRIPTION A comprehensive range of straight fluted router cutters with diameters from 1.5mm to 50.8mm with parallel and internally threaded shank configurations. There are some left hand rotational cutters in this range. Part numbers starting with TTWLC are for use in inlay work and have a chisel point end. TTPH do not plunge.        
  • Radius Cove TCT

    DESCRIPTION A comprehensive range of Core Box, Cove, Radius, Guttering cutters with radii from 1.6mm to 25.4mm. Cutters with part number starting TTCBB have a shank mounted bearing fitted.
  • Ventilation Slot TCT

    TCT Two Flute Ventilation Slot Slots and produces a radius on the upper edge in one pass.
  • Pocket Hole Screws

    Zinc coated Pocket Hole screws for use with No. 2 Robertson Screwdriver bits. These screws come in both fine and coarse thread. Fine threaded screws are for Hardwoods and the coarse threaded screws are suitable for Softwoods and man made board such as Chipboard, Plywood and MDF.