• DESCRIPTION A comprehensive range of straight fluted router cutters with diameters from 1.5mm to 50.8mm with parallel and internally threaded shank configurations. There are some left hand rotational cutters in this range. Part numbers starting with TTWLC are for use in inlay work and have a chisel point end. TTPH do not plunge.        
  • Bevel & Chamfer TCT

    TCT Bevelled A range of various angles of beveled cutters designed to chamfer sections of timber, chipboard and MDF. DESCRIPTION The cutters with reference TTBCF have a tungsten carbide plunging centre tip The cutters with reference TTBC are for profiling only and do not plunge. Angles are measured from the vertical
  • Ovolo TCT

    TCT Ovolo Used in conjunction with a side fence, most ovolo and rounding over operations can be produced with this extensive range. These cutters have plunging facility.
  • TCT Bullnose Staff Bead A full bullnose radius for stair treads, nosings, window boards and edge mouldings Flats at top and bottom of the cutting edges create fillets on stock thicker than the nose diameter.
  • Ogee TCT

    TCT Ogee Used for paneling and edge moulding for that classic ogee feature.
  • British made TCT self guided corner bead cutter with two flutes for a cleaner finish. Ideal for making beautifull edge moulds for decorative finishes etc. Full corner beads can be made by making a second pass at 90 degrees.