• TCT Adjustable Top and Bottom Chamfer with Bearing DESCRIPTION For bevelling and trimming the top and bottom edges of the workpiece. Adjust the four wing trimmer blocks with spacers for differing widths of material. Maximum material thickness 15mm for the DCB16 and is fixed Maximum material thickness 32mm, minimum material thickness 16mm for the BCS38. Maximum material thickness 36mm, minimum material thickness 19mm for the BGAC45. To extend the life of cutting edges use 26mm bearing.
  • Dovetail TCT

    TCT Dovetail Standard sizes for all dovetail and sliding dovetail applications ie slot dovetail, hidden dovetail, etc. DESCRIPTION Available with scribers on TTDCS14.3-8 & TTDCS127-1/4 to enable use in conjunction with portable routing jigs. Parts TTADC12B-1/4, TTBDC14B-1/4 have shank mounted bearings fitted.
  • Drain Board Heavy Duty TCT

    TCT Double Flute Primarily used to produce drain board channels. For use with template and guide bush. DESCRIPTION Primarily used to produce drain board channels. For window sections, designed to help displace water and moisture off window and door frames. Can also be used as soap dish cutter. For use with template and guide bush.
  • Widely used for copy profiling and flush trimming . Aluminium cutting reference numbers TTSIBGT90LK-1/2 , TTSIBGT90LK-1/4 Downward shear cutter action reference numbers TTBGT90LKS-1/2, TTBGT90LKS-1/4, TTBGT90LKS-12, TTBGT90LKS-6, TTBGT90LKS-8, TTBGT90S-1/4, TTBGT90S-6, TTBGT90S-8, cutters have a downward shear cutting action. Top and Bottom bearing guided reference numbers TBGT90LK1DB-1/2, TTBGT90LK2DB-1/2, TTBGT90LK2DB-12, TTBGT90LK2DB-4-1/2, TTBGT90LKDB-1/2, TTBGT90LKDB-8 TTBGT90LKSLP-1/4, TTBGT90SLP-1/4 have a low profile end screw for restrictive access applications. Oversize bearing cutters reference numbers TTIBGT63LK-B375-1/4, TIBGT63LK-B375-6 have an oversize bottom bearing for overhang trimming. TTSET1214-1/4 has a solid end bearing for heavy duty work.    
  • TCT Double Flute Great care should be exercised when using this cutter to avoid 'cutter wander'. Use correct jig, template or side fence. Use a guide bush in conjunction with an offset template.
  • Ogee TCT

    TCT Ogee Used for paneling and edge moulding for that classic ogee feature.
  • Radius Cove TCT

    DESCRIPTION A comprehensive range of Core Box, Cove, Radius, Guttering cutters with radii from 1.6mm to 25.4mm. Cutters with part number starting TTCBB have a shank mounted bearing fitted.
  • Sinking & Strip Recessor

    SINKING AND STRIP RECESSING TCT For library and book shelving strip/tonk strip.
  • Straight Fluted TCT

    The cutters still give a fantastic finish, great longevity of use and of course can be re-sharpened, a superb cutter at a very competitive price.
  • DESCRIPTION A comprehensive range of straight fluted router cutters with diameters from 1.5mm to 50.8mm with parallel and internally threaded shank configurations. There are some left hand rotational cutters in this range. Part numbers starting with TTWLC are for use in inlay work and have a chisel point end. TTPH do not plunge.        
  • British made two flute TCT top bearing guided profile flush trimming cutters. Gives a superb clean finish on timber, veneers and plastic laminate. The top bearing is for following a pattern or template to give a superb finish when replicating components.
  • V Groove Folding Tool

    TCT Two Flute Grooving Soft Form Single flute TCT and RT versions available.