Template Profilers with Shank Mounted Bearing 90 Degree TCT These double flute flush trim plunge router cutters are designed for use on template and pattern work, blind profiling and plunging i.e. internal aperture cut outs, and can be used in hand-held and table-mounted routers. They have a shank mounted bearing which will run along and follow the template which is attached to the workpiece with the end result being an exact duplicate of the template itself. DESCRIPTION TTPGC957-1/4, PGC9513-1/4 and PGC127127-1/4 cutters have a double bearing and an extended shank, overall length is 65mm, 71mm and 71mm respectively. TTTPGC12795 and TTTPGC12725 use TTB127 Bearing, TTTPGC1620 uses TTB16 Bearing. This range of Profile Guide Cutters are made with plunging facility/plunging centre points ideal for blind profiling and plunging. i.e. double skinned plywood.