Titman - defining router tooling

Please note the following safety points and guidelines

  • Ensure that collets are clean and not worn. Worn collets cause vibration which cause breakages
  • Cutters must be inserted in the collet up to 3/4 of the shank length i.e TTP12 x 1.1/4" (32mm) shank length - ensure 25mm is inserted into collet and secure tightly, do not over tighten
  • Do not use 2' cut length cutters forshort cut depths i.e TTH122 2" cut depth to produce 1/2" depth grooves, select shorter cut length Ref PPH12
  • Allow machine to run at full revs before attempting the cut
  • Even feed rates are required to prevent undue breakages
  • Workpieces must be clamped firmly and safely
  • Always wear protective clothing
  • Any cutter that does not perform satisfactorily or vibrates on cut or causes a high pitch screech when cutting - remove from machine and return to Titman
  • Ensure your machine has a good extraction for operator safety and improvement of cutter performance
  • Do not exceed recommended RPM marked on the cutter shank

Safe RPM

Cutter diameter

Recommended max. RPM

3mm - 25mm (1/8" - 1")


25mm - 50mm (1" - 2")


50mm - 75mm (2" - 3")


75mm - 100mm (3" - 4")