A range of rebate cutters bearing guided, bearings can be changed to a different diameter to produce various rebate depths.

The TTRCB95-1/2RT and TTRCB95-8RT  are fitted with the TT3/8-B37514 bearing and also come with the TT1/2-B127,  TTB15 and TTB19 bearings.

The TTRCb9512RT is fitted with 2 – TT1/2-B127 bearings and can then be used in conjunction with the TTRR range of aluminium sleeves to produce the various rebate depths. These rings are placed in the middle of the 2 bearings which then keep them secure whilst routing. If you take the diameter dimension of the cutter minus the diameter dimension of the ring and divide by 2 this will give you the rebate depth.

Tips are reversible and are sold in boxes of 10