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Weatherseal/Intumescent Strip

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  1. TCT Sinking


    For library and book shelving strip/tonk strip.

  2. TCT Weatherstrip And Smoke Seal

    TCT Weatherseal Recessing & Seals

    The perfect weatherstrip cutter, ideal for use with a portable router on site.
  3. TCT Fire Strip Slotter

    TCT Fire Strip Slotter

    Consists of Groover, Bearing and Arbor. Can be supplied for 10, 15 and 20mm strip.
  4. TCT Hinge Recessing and Fire Strip


    A cutter ideal for hinge recessing and the underside of handrails, these have extra long shanks for use with the popular hinge jigs on the market All prices exclude VAT.
  5. Weatherstrip Cutters

    Weatherstrip Cutters

    A range of cutters designed to make the fitting of weatherstrip to door and window frames quick and easy.
  6. TCT Slotting

    TCT Slotting

    Ideal for slots in pencil box lids etc and internal slotting work. Suitable for intumescent fireproof strip.
  7. TCT Mini Groovers 2 and 4 Wing

    TCT Mini Groovers 2 and 4 Wing

    Slitting saws for use in producing a slot. i.e when fitting weatherstrip.
  8. TCT Heavy Duty Groovers

    TCT Heavy Duty Groovers

    Designed for multi-purpose grooving, tongue and grooving, etc.
  9. TCT Undercut Groovers 4 Wing

    TCT Undercut Groovers 4 Wing M12*1 Internal Bore

    Groovers 4 wing and threaded M12*1.5mm bore which enable flush recessing. The arbor and bearings are sold separately and the TTUGA arbor is for use without a bearing only, the others can be used with or without a bearing provided the correct shims are used to bring it flush at the bottom. Arbor and bearings are separate items. All prices exclude VAT.
Set Descending Direction

9 Item(s)