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Sash Bar & Picture Rail

Set Descending Direction

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  1. TCT Sash Bar Ovolo

    TCT Sash Bar Ovolo

    Designed for finer glazing work.
  2. TCT Sash Bar Ovolo And Reverse

    TCT Sash Bar Ovolo

    A range of Grecian and Roman Ovolo Effect cutters, essential for faithful matching of Georgian window repair or production.
  3. TCT SBPS10 And SBSS10

    TCT Sash Bar and Scribe Set

    TTSBPS10 and TTSBSS10 are designed to produce the mould and scribe on window and door glazing bars.
  4. TCT Rounding Over Set With Bearing

    TCT Rounding Over Set with Bearing

    These cutters provide a rounding over effect top and bottom and come with a bearing
  5. TCT Thumb Mould With Bearing R depth=12mm

    TCT Thumb Mould with Bearing

    The traditional thumb mould cutter with guide bearing ideal for architraves and skirting boards.
Set Descending Direction

5 Item(s)