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Profile Edge Mould

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  1. Profile Edge Mould Decorative TCT

    Profile Edge Mould Decorative TCT

    The TTDEC range of tools are perfect for enhancing the appearance of square edged timber many of which offer balanced moulds for use on sections of woodwork at the centre of the design.
  2. TCT Reverse Radius

    Profile Edge Mould Reverse Radius TCT

    A decorative mould to finish table and mantle tops.
  3. TCT Multi-Mould

    TCT Multi-Mould

    TCT Multi-Mould
  4. TCT Torus With Bearings

    TCT Torus With Bearings

    These classic Torus Cutters are designed to match traditional skirting board and chair rail features. They can also be used for finishing work on cornices and reproduction furniture surrounds. Best in router table or portable machine with timber held in vice.
  5. TCT Door Leading Edge

    TCT Beading and Radius Edge

    TCT Beading and Radius Edge (Made To Order)
  6. TCT Chamfering Edge

    TCT Chamfering Edge

    Chamfering Edge Cutters. Reducing and Chamfering.
  7. TCT Mould/Profile

    TCT Mould/Profile

    A superb range of Classic cutters designed to produce a panel effect on drawer fronts, fascia and any area needing a feature mould.
  8. TCT Cornice Profile Cutters

    TCT Cornice Profile Cutters

    Outline shows how to produce cornice by tilting timber at an angle when machining
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8 Item(s)