Titman - defining router tooling

Panel Moulding

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  1. RT Bevelled

    RT Bevelled

    RT Raised Panel With Bearing
  2. TCT Minature Bead Cutters

    TCT Minature Bead Cutters

    A range of minature beading cutters for fine decorative work.
  3. TCT Traditional Cutters

    TCT Traditional Cutters

    Classical cutters for general work enhancing.
  4. TCT Classical Panelling With Top Bearing

    TCT Classical Panelling With Top Bearing

    Classical panel cutters for shallow work.
  5. TCT Raised Panel

    TCT Raised Panel

    Panel cutters for profiling and grooving of decorative moulds and panels. Perfect for drawer fronts.
  6. TCT Classical

    TCT Classical

    Perfect for drawer fronts in solid material for enhancing the style and appearance of panelled work.
  7. TCT Classical Panel / Mould

    TCT Classical Panel / Mould

    Used on its own this cutter will effectively mould edges, and if paired with the TTRCPM cutters will produce a scribe and mould set.
  8. TCT Profile

    TCT Profile

    Ideal for raised panel effect on drawer fronts and light panel work.
  9. TCT Ogee

    TCT Ogee

    TCT Ogee
  10. TCT Ogee Mould

    TCT Ogee Mould

    Ideal for finishing mantle edges and furniture tops.
  11. TCT Ogee Profiling

    TCT Ogee Profiling

    Panel effect cutter for drawer fronts and feature work.
  12. TCT Profile

    TCT Profile

    TCT Profile (Made To Order)
Set Descending Direction

Items 1-12 of 18