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  1. TCT Box Joint With Bearing

    TCT Box Joint With Bearing

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    This set consists of 5, 4mm Kerf, 4 wing Groovers. Produces a neat box joint, perfect for small boxes, instrument cases etc.
  2. TCT Box Joint With Bearing

    TCT Minature Finger Jointing

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    Ideal for jointing together expensive timbers, for use on specialist work.
  3. TCT Versatile Finger Joint With Bearing 1 Cutter 4 Settings

    TCT Versatile Finger Joint with Bearing, 1 Cutter, 4 Settings

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    Advantages of the TTVFJ1 cutter: No shims to adjust or set. Variable from 12mm to 40mm thick timber. Solid fingers prevent tendency to deflect on end grain. By exchanging the main finger sets a wide variety of material thicknesses can be accomodated.
  4. TCT Finger Jointing Set

    TCT Finger Jointing Set

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    The system comes complete with six blades, arbor, bearing and relevant spacers to machine up to the maximum material thickness.
  5. TCT Tongue And Groove Set

    TCT Tongue and Groove Set

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    Two groovers, one bearing on an arbor to give a tongue and groove on material thickness from 15mm to 22mm. Parts are interchangeable on arbor to give two set ups.
  6. TCT Variable Groover Set

    TCT Variable Groover Set

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    A Multi Groover Set on an arbor to produce grooves of variable thickness from 3.2mm to 18mm with an option of using the bearing as a guide. The set comprises of 4 groovers, an arbor and a bearing. Tongue and grooving can also be made with this set from 9mm to 22mm.
  7. TCT Tongue And Groove With Bearing

    TCT Tongue and Groove with Bearing

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    To achieve a perfect tongued and grooved joint for flooring and panelling.
  8. TCT Reversible Finger Joint

    TCT Reversible Finger Joint

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    A further extension of the reversible finger joint, suitable for material up to 1 inch (25mm) nominal thickness.
  9. TCT Reversible Finger Joint With Bearing

    TCT Reversible Finger Joint with Bearing

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    Bearing guided finger joint cutter. Suitable for timber thicknesses from 11mm to 26mm.
  10. TCT Corner Joint

    TCT Corner Joint

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    TCT Corner Joint (Made To Order)
  11. TCT Drawer Lock Joint

    TCT Drawer Lock Joint

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    This cutter is suitable for timber thicknesses from 15mm to 25mm.
  12. TCT Mitre Set

    TCT Mitre Set

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    The Titman Mitre Set will prove a useful jointing medium for those engaged in cabinet work, particularly in particle board.
Set Descending Direction

Items 1-12 of 13