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Finger Jointing

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  1. TCT Reversible Finger Joint With Bearing

    TCT Reversible Finger Joint with Bearing

    Bearing guided finger joint cutter. Suitable for timber thicknesses from 11mm to 26mm.
  2. TCT Reversible Finger Joint

    TCT Reversible Finger Joint

    A further extension of the reversible finger joint, suitable for material up to 1 inch (25mm) nominal thickness.
  3. TCT Versatile Finger Joint With Bearing 1 Cutter 4 Settings

    TCT Versatile Finger Joint with Bearing, 1 Cutter, 4 Settings

    Advantages of the TTVFJ1 cutter: No shims to adjust or set. Variable from 12mm to 40mm thick timber. Solid fingers prevent tendency to deflect on end grain. By exchanging the main finger sets a wide variety of material thicknesses can be accomodated.
Set Descending Direction

3 Item(s)