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  1. TCT Staff/Corner Bead With Bearings

    Corner Bead With Bearings TCT

    These cutters are the perfect solution to finishing cladding and corners on pillar covering or for enhancing square table legs or returns on wall unit furniture.
  2. TCT Double Sunk Bead With Bearings

    TCT Double Sunk Bead with Bearings

    A variation on our popular TTSBBC range, ideal for giving a fluted effect on furniture, cabinets, etc.
  3. TCT Sunk Bead With Bearing

    TCT Sunk Bead With Bearing TCT

    A versatile and varied range of cutters.
  4. Profile Edge Mould Decorative TCT

    Profile Edge Mould Decorative TCT

    The TTDEC range of tools are perfect for enhancing the appearance of square edged timber many of which offer balanced moulds for use on sections of woodwork at the centre of the design.
  5. TCT Decorative Sunk Bead

    TCT Decorative Sunk Bead

    The TTDSB range produce mouldings to highlight features such as fascia rails, chair backs or decorative sections 'planted' on bedroom furniture to bring a line and feature to a continuous layout. Suitable for moulding MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard).
  6. TCT Flute And Bead Set

    Flute And Bead Set TCT

    TCT Flute And Bead Set
  7. TCT Bead And Cove Combination

    TCT Bead and Cove Combination

    A two in one cutter for producing a matching sunk bead and cove.
  8. TCT Ovolo/Scotia/Staff Bead Moulds

    TCT Ovolo/Scotia/Staff Bead Moulds

    A unique 3-in-1 cutter which will produce Ovolo, Scotia and Staff Bead moulds just by adjusting the height of the cutter.
  9. TCT Side V Slotting

    TCT Side V Slotting

    A version of a capillary groove type cutter but one that produces a 'V' in the material using the bearing as a guide.
Set Descending Direction

9 Item(s)