Titman - defining router tooling

Style B

Ideal for slots in pencil box lids etc and internal slotting work. Suitable for intumescent fireproof strip.

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HSSE and STC Window Tooling.

Cutters manufactured from HSSE and STC material give longer life and durability.

Speed range 10,000-12,000 RPM.

Individual part codes denote precise cutter type and capabilities:

SF denotes Single Flute Cutters designed for recessing and slotting.

To assist plunging the Single Flute range have a relief slot opposite the cutting edge.

Cutters with an L2 dimension specified have a relieved neck for greater plunging depth.

DF denotes Double Flute Cutters designed for finer finishes and uPVC.

denotes Plastics Only.

denotes Aluminium Only.

When cutting aluminium use a coolant and ensure the material is securely clamped.

denotes Long Reach.

SC denotes Solid Carbide.

HSSE And STC Window Tooling standard spiral relieved neck Style D

Code Description D mm L mm L2 mm OL mm Stock Unit Price Qty
Style B
4 16 45 90
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