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Worktop Jig up to 1000mm

The jig can cut 90 degree and 45 degree female/male joins and recesses for worktop connectors for a wide range of worktop widths.

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  • Incorporated into the jig are 4 radii, so the user can produce corners onto their worktop.
  • The size of the radii are 20mm, 40mm, 60mm and 100mm.
  • Made from hard wearing 12mm thick quality laminate.
  • The jig can cut 90 degree and 45 degree female/male joins for worktop widths of 300mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 550mm, 600mm, 616mm, 700mm, 900mm, and - new feature for bathroom worktops - 250mm.
  • Mitre cut facility enables user to cut the worktop to angles of 90 degrees, 45 degrees, 30 degrees and 22.5 degrees.
  • The jig can be used to square cut the worktop using the central slot.
  • Engraved lines set the squareness of the jig to the worktop.
  • The geometry of the jig has been improved from other jigs currently available, giving a better join.
  • Facility for cutting 35mm diameter recesses into doors for cabinet hinges and for cutting holes for 3/4 inch British Standard pipe fittings.
  • Apertures for routing recesses for 150mm worktop connectors (see part code TTCB150 for 150mm connecting bolts).
  • Added engraved dimension to accommodate 65mm worktop connectors.
  • Four bolt slots.
  • Includes four Nylon pins.
  • Use with Titman TTH122 x 1/2 inch TCT router cutter, part code TTH122*1/2.
  • Assists all routers with a 30mm guide bush.
  • Easy to follow instructions.
  • Jig carrying bag TTTTTH700CB or TTTTTH1000CB available as an optional extra.

Worktop Jig Up To 900mm

  • Worktop Jig Up To 900mm
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TTTTT1000 Worktop Jig up to 1000mm
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