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No designed for Portable Routing machines

No plunging facility

N. Max 18000

Jointing Versatile Finger TCT

Advantages of the TTVFJ1 cutter: No shims to adjust or set. Variable from 12mm to 40mm thick timber. Solid fingers prevent tendency to deflect on end grain. By exchanging the main finger sets a wide variety of material thicknesses can be accomodated.

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The complete system comes with a 5 finger set made up from 3 separate sections. This allows for 4 individual settings and timber thicknesses.

See diagram; system comes complete with three pieces:
A=Base, B=3 fingers, C=1 finger.

When using the cutter ensure that the materials are of the same thickness and the ends are cut perfectly square.
The edge that the bearing runs on should match the edge left by the base cutter.
When setting up for the cut, make sure the best face side is on the top.
The second cut should have the best face on the bottom.
By reversing and bringing together, the two best faces are on top.

A feed rate of under 3m per minute can cause burning.
We recommend 7m-9m per minute.
Maximum R.P.M. 18,000.

Use the system in the following format to achieve different material thickness:
For 12mm-16mm material use A.
For 16mm-22mm material use B.
For 22mm-30mm material use A+B.
For 30mm-40mm material use A+B+C.

Sections A, B or C are available for separate purchase along with 0.5mm and 1mm shims to assist with precise spacing.

Ideal for use on a suitable router table.

TCT Versatile Finger Joint With Bearing 1 Cutter 4 Settings

Code Description D mm L mm OL mm Z RPM Style Shank Stock Price Qty
TTB28/12 Steel Bearing 28 5          
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