Titman - defining router tooling

No plunging facility

N. Max 24000 

TCT Multi Edge Beading

A double sunk bead with bearings mounted top and bottom ideal for giving a fluted effect on 'gabled ends' on bedroom, dining room furniture and cabinets

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Two bearings for dual support when cutting.

TCT Double Sunk Bead With Bearings

Code Description D mm d mm L mm R mm OL mm Z RPM Bearing Shank Stock Price Qty
TTDSBBC-1/4 TCT Double Sunk Bead with Bearings 26 16 20 5 60 2 24,000 TT5/8-B16 1/4"
In Stock
TT5/8-B16 Steel Bearing 16 6.35 5            
In Stock
TTFAST-5 M4 Table Washer                  
In Stock
TTFAST-1 M4 *6 Cap Head Screw                  
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