Titman - defining router tooling

Plug & Hole Repair

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  1. TCT RPS Bevel Hole

    TCT RPS Bevel Hole

    These bevel hole cutters are specially developed to bevel an existing hole or to make new bevelled holes.
  2. TCT RPS Bevel Plug

    TCT RPS Bevel Plug

    These cutters make accurate plugs which will fit into the bevel holes for repair or decoration.
  3. Tapered Repair Cutter

    Tapered Repair Cutter

    Designed specifically to repair small imperfections in solid surface material.
  4. TCT RPS Cutter Set

    TCT RPS Cutter Set

    Specially made tooling for repair of 'wrongly made' holes and also for decorative effects using plugs in other colours. This set includes all the TTXC901 and TTXC906 cutters.
Set Descending Direction

4 Item(s)