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Router Cutters

Looking for industrial router cutting tools online?

You'll find our range below. We're proud to have been supplying high quality router cutters and router bits since the 70's. Manufactured by skilled craftsmen, our range includes TCT router cutters and more. Find what you need online and order your router bits.

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  1. TCT Trepanning With Bearing (Made To Order)

    TCT Water Channel with Bearing

    Cutters designed for trepanning large areas of timber, ie tennoning work, dish production on hardwoods.
  2. TCT Guttering Cutter With Bearing (Made To Order)

    TCT Guttering Cutter with Bearing

    With the shank mounted bearing this range of cutters can be used with a template rather than a side fence.
  3. TCT Shallow Finger Pull Two Flute

    TCT Shallow Finger Pull Two Flute

    A further extension of the guttering cutter range with deeper cut for shallow finger pull applications.
  4. TCT Water Channel Heavy Duty

    TCT Water Channel Heavy Duty

    For window sections, designed to help displace water and moisture from window and door frames.
  5. TCT Cove With Guide Pin (Made To Order)

    TCT Cove With Guide Pin

    Ideal for producing small planted mouldings on door frames or picture frames.
  6. TCT Cove Mould With 12.7mm and 16mm Bearing (Made To Order)

    TCT Cove Mould with 12.7 & 16mm Bearing

    These cutters come complete with TTB127 and TTB16 Bearings.
  7. HSSE And STC Window Tooling


    Ideal for slots in pencil box lids etc and internal slotting work. Suitable for intumescent fireproof strip.
  8. TCT Reversible Finger Joint With Bearing

    Jointing Reversible Finger TCT

    Bearing guided finger joint cutter. Suitable for timber thicknesses from 11mm to 26mm.
  9. TCT Reversible Finger Joint

    Jointing Reversible Finger TCT

    A further extension of the reversible finger joint, suitable for material up to 1 inch (25mm) nominal thickness.
  10. TCT Versatile Finger Joint With Bearing 1 Cutter 4 Settings

    Jointing Versatile Finger TCT

    Advantages of the TTVFJ1 cutter: No shims to adjust or set. Variable from 12mm to 40mm thick timber. Solid fingers prevent tendency to deflect on end grain. By exchanging the main finger sets a wide variety of material thicknesses can be accomodated.
  11. TCT Mitre Set

    Jointing Mitre Set TCT

    The Titman Mitre Set will prove a useful jointing medium for those engaged in cabinet work, particularly in particle board.
  12. TCT Drawer Lock Joint

    Jointing Draw Lock TCT

    This cutter is suitable for timber thicknesses from 15mm to 25mm.
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Items 49-60 of 217